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Hopes dashed on rubble clearance

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By Fiona Reid
Hopes dashed on rubble clearance

HOPES that the former rubble strewn Lockerbie Academy site would soon be fully cleared have been dashed.

And now bids to create a mural around the site are making headway.

In July diggers were spotted at the old school plot shifting piles of bricks and debris, left over from the 2011 demolishing of the former academy.

Owner of the site, Ivor Williamson of Rosefield Salvage, previously stated that the rubble was kept on site to add value to the property, explaining that potential buyers could recycle the left over materials.

He said that clearing the rubble would both incur a cost for the company, potentially devalue the site’s worth and go against the firm’s recycling ethics.

However at last week’s meeting of Lockerbie Community Council it was revealed that the already cleared rubble is believed to have been sold or re-purposed off site, but the remaining debris is set to remain there.

This revelation has led to an increased call to see a screening mural placed around the ‘offending’ area.

Annandale North Councillor Stephen Thompson said: “Ideas cost nothing and we could make good use of local artists or the academy’s most artistic.

“Though the material would be costly, I think it is achievable.” Lockerbie Community Council’s Bud Little has offered to approach suppliers and come back with quotes for mural materials to present at the October meeting.

He said: “We don’t want to be sitting here in six months time having the same conversation, if we start making progress now then in six months time we could have achieved something.”

Lockerbie Academy rector Brian Asher is pleased that some of the rubble has been moved from site and is keen for the school to be involved in the mural.

He said: “I think the community council has had a really interesting idea in terms of the murals for the old school site and the school would be delighted to be involved in some way.”

Rosefield Salvage were approached for comment.

■ Are you an artist who would be interested in helping to create a Lockerbie mural? Email [email protected] for more information.

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