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Hole in one is early birthday present for Danny

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By Fiona Reid

A YOUNG golfer topped off a victory in a competition by scoring a hole in one.

Two days before his 12th birthday, Danny Shaw of Dornock achieved the memorable feat at hole five of Saturdayís Riding of the Marches Junior Shield competition at Powfoot.
Recalling his reaction, Danny said: ìI went crazy. Iíve never been close before.î
Explaining what happened, he added: ìIt hit a banking and rolled down into the hole, but since it was a banking we couldnít see it.
ìWe walked around trying to find it, and the last place we looked was in the hole because I didnít think it had gone in.
ìIt was just sitting there, in the hole.î
And in true golfing tradition, the golfer who achieved a hole in one bought a round of drinks for everyone at the clubhouse.
Playing off 16, and shooting 70 in the match, Danny said: ìThey were saying, ëWow I canít believe you got one, because Iíve never had oneí.î
But he added: ìMy mum had to go in and pay the bar bill. There were about ten people.î
Danny has been a playing junior member at Powfoot Golf Club for a full year, receiving a set of golf clubs for his eighth birthday.
His mum Carol said: ìHe was about four years old when he started playing with the plastic golf clubs, and then at about five he had a shot with his dadís ones at putting.
ìSo heís always been interested in golf, and this will be his fourth year going down to Wentworth.î
The Eastriggs Primary pupil has had a variety of photographs taken with professionals, and obtained autographs, meeting Rory McIlroy last year.
Danny received a new set of clubs for his 12th birthday this week, and has now moved from a junior yellow handicap to white.

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