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Hit and run anger

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By Abbey Morton
Lockerbie and Lochmaben
Hit and run anger

A HIT and run incident which damaged a motorcycle in Lockerbie has prompted a call for motorists to respect ‘private parking’ areas.

Iain Fergusson of Cameron Close discovered his motorcycle had been hit and knocked over by a white van, causing hundreds of pound worth of damage, while it was parked in the ‘residents only’ car park just off High Street.

Mr Fergusson is pleading for people to respect the area is for use by residents and their visitors.

In a letter this week, he said: “There are a number of locals who wonder what all the fuss is about.

“Having suffered firsthand regards this resident-only car park, many have said, ‘It’s a car park wasted’, and, ‘I’m only using it for a few minutes — what’s the problem?’

“Indeed, many find it amusing to moan or verbally abuse residents regarding the use of it.”

Mr Fergusson has also hit-out at the culprit for not leaving any contact details and not informing the police.

He said: “Now, I can only hope and presume this was a legitimate oversight on their part, however I can inform them inquires are underway as evidence was obtained of the accident damage being done.

“I hope they are proud of themselves and indeed that they suffer the same indignity someday themselves.

“That is why it is a private car park, not a public car park that is used regularly by all and sundry.

“Perhaps if they were to suffer damage like I have, they too may think twice about using it. I hope the police are successful in identifying the culprit and they are brought to justice.”

Inspector Gordon McKnight of Lockerbie Police confirmed an investigation is underway involving a witness, but appealed for anyone with any further information to contact police on 101.

He also explained that although parking in the ‘private’ car park is not an offence the area is still covered by the Road Traffic Act and incidents would be dealt with by authorities.

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