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HGVs collision on M6 motorway caused severe delays

HGVs collided on Thursday night and remarkably no one was hurt

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By Zac Hannay
HGVs collision on M6 motorway caused severe delays

TWO HGVs crashed and burst into flames between junction 44 and 45 of the M6 between Carlisle and Gretna on Thursday night.

Emergency services rushed to the scene where remarkably no one had any serious injuries.

The road was shut into Friday afternoon as repairs needed to be carried out on the surface which had started to melt as a result of the intense heat.

Large queues then built up along the diversion on the A7 north towards Longtown and on the A6071.

The road reopened just before 2 pm on Friday afternoon and the diversion routes remained very busy for a period afterwards.


*diverted traffic between Gretna and Carlisle continues to cause delays