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Help to end violence

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By Fiona Reid
Help to end violence

A CALL has gone out to the public to help make Dumfries and Galloway an official anti-domestic abuse region and end violence against women and children.

The Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women Partnership (DAVAWP), is working towards obtaining accreditation for the area to formally make it a ‘White Ribbon Region’.

And they are particularly calling on men locally to take action against domestic abuse and other forms of violence which mainly affect women and youngsters.
DAVAWP vice chairman Daniel McKeever said: “Domestic abuse, honour crimes, sexual assault, sex trafficking and other forms of gender based violence should have no place in Scottish society in this day and age.
“Historically, the majority of the battles against these forms of violence have been fought by women and women’s organisations. Now we need men to join the fight too and contribute to making a fairer society for our daughters, nieces, sisters, granddaughters, girlfriends.”
So far, the campaign has been supported by the community planning executive group, the NHS board and Queen of the South FC, and now the partnership are looking for the support of individual community members.
Daniel added: “Together we can make these forms of violence and their devastating consequences something that will belong to the past; together we can make Dumfries and Galloway fairer and safer.”
The DAVAWP has also arranged a free training session open to all men in the region who would like to become White Ribbon Speakers.
Once trained, the speakers will be able to raise awareness of gender based violence/violence against women and the White Ribbon Campaign in the workplace and in any other formal or informal settings.
Anyone wishing to support the campaign should go to and sign up online. Emails can also be sent to the team at [email protected] or call 01387 245190.

* In Scotland, 79 per cent (39,483) of all domestic abuse cases reported to the Police in 2014-2015 involved a man abusing a woman

* The Scottish Government estimates that 1 in 5 women in Scotland will suffer some form of abuse in their lifetime; this means that more than 500,000 women in Scotland will be affected
* Around the world, at least 1 in 3 women suffer physical or sexual violence from a man; this figure translates as 1 billion women worldwide

* The White Ribbon Campaign started in Canada in the 1990s and is now an international campaign which provides a platform for men to speak and take action against these forms of violence


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