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Help needed to bottle the essence of Moffat

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By Fiona Reid
Help needed to bottle the essence of Moffat

THE hunt is on for a local geologist to help create Moffat’s very own bottled water.

Behind the quest to bottle Moffat water is the newly formed Moffat Marketing Group.

Created as a sub-group of Moffat Community Council, the team’s priority is encouraging visitors to the tourist town.

And their first venture is to try and create a bottled Moffat water which could be sold globally.

The team’s Leys Geddes said: “Moffat has a fine heritage as a spa town. I’ve even heard it called the Cheltenham of Scotland.

“If we could capture the same ambience of Cheltenham and really put ourselves on the map as a spa town we could really be on to something great here.”

To get the ball rolling Mr Geddes has sought help from the managing director of popular Scottish mineral water brand Deeside Water.

Happy to offer assistance, Mr Geddes was instructed to appeal foralocal geologist to take the project forward.

And he is now calling on willing geologists to get in touch onavolunteer basis.

Discussing the future of the town, he said: “Once we have an established project, the idea would be to start by getting the support of all our shops, hotels, cafes, have them selling Moffat water.

“The packaging would boast a little about Moffat and its spa connections and then it would serve as a constant advertisement for the town.”

He added: “The aim of our marketing group is to introduce more people to Moffat. “People will drive past Moffat on the motorway all the time without realising what it has to offer.

“Moffat is a beautiful, healthy place nestled in the hills but many people don’t know we’re here. “I want to change that and hopefully a Moffat water could really put us on the map.”

Are you a local geologist that could make Moffat water a reality? Contact Amanda Kennedy on 01461 202417 or [email protected] to be put in touch with the Moffat Marketing team.

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