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Cold snap brings snowfall to region

By Fiona Reid
Cold snap brings snowfall to region

HEAVY snowfall has hit parts of the region — as the UK braces for what could be the coldest winter weather for 50 years.

A prolonged period of unseasonably mild temperatures has come to an end, with Moffat, Dunscore and Moniaive among those areas coated by a covering of snow.
One parent said: “White out at Waterbeck.
“Snow flakes as big as cotton wool balls. Yippee!”
The snow marks an end to mild weather, but has brought with it safety warnings — with drivers forced to reduce speeds to 30 mph on the A74 motorway.
Police Scotland have issued warnings to motorists.
Pointing to problem areas such as the A701 at Southerly Ridge and A76 at Blackwood Farm, a spokesman said: “Roads have been treated by gritters.
“However, reduce your speed and drive safe.”
Britain as a whole is now on the alert for plunging temperatures, with the Met Office warning of freezing winds pouring in from the Arctic this weekend.
Temperatures are predicted to fall to -13C, and the bitter spell is forecast to last through next week — bringing harsh frosts, snow and ice to the whole of the UK.
Experts say Britain faces the worst cold snap since 2010/11, which saw airports closed and transport networks clobbered by heavy snow.
And the Met Office three month forecast warns that colder weather could linger on until March, with fears Britain could be facing one of its worst winters since 1963 when temperatures plunged to -20C.
A statement from the Met Office said: “At the start of the three-month period, milder-than-average conditions are more likely than colder-than-average.
“However, later in the period, particularly from February onwards . . . patterns increase the chance of cold northerly or easterly winds affecting the UK.”