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‘Hazardous’ find halts repairs

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
'Hazardous' find halts repairs

POTENTIALLY hazardous materials’ have been discovered in a road at Eaglesfield, resulting in delays to a major repairs programme.

Work on a crumbling section of the B722 in the middle of the village ground to a halt on Friday August 27 when total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) were found on site.

Soil samples were taken away for testing and repairs put on hold until the results came through and confirmed the presence of TPH, which comes from crude oil.

However, the contractors were finally back on Thursday and in an update on the situation a Dumfries and Galloway Council spokesman said: “Works were delayed due to a wait for results of tests on potentially hazardous material. Result showed TPH. Such material must be removed to a licensed recovery and restoration site or to inert landfill. Transport for this material was not available until September 9.

“Construction works are now continuing and a progress meeting with the contractor is scheduled for next week.”

The scheme, which is rebuilding a damaged road junction, was due to be completed by September 24.

But officials now admit there will be a delay, possibly into October, with the council spokesman adding: “Assuming no further issues are identified, we don’t anticipate any lengthy delay to the works.

“We now anticipate that the works might extend for one or two weeks beyond this.”

Eaglesfield resident Robert Carnochan, of Ashyards Court, hopes that’s the case.

Describing the impact on him and his neighbours, he this week said: “There are two small car parks here, I live in number 12, several other residents are in wheelchairs – we need our spaces.

“I can still get about but I am registered as a disabled person and we need our parking spaces and the parking spaces are not there.”

He also expressed disappointment at the lack of communication about the delays and added: “We need to be informed, we need to be told what’s happening; when they’re going to come back, when the job’s going to be finished and simply when we can get life back to normal.”

  • Pictured above, villagers at the affected section of road

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