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Have you done the Census?

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By Fiona Reid
Have you done the Census?

IT'S Scotland's Census Day today and more than one million households have already completed the survey.

And everyone living in Dumfries and Galloway is urged to complete the survey to ensure that every household is heard and their needs captured.

It asks questions on a range of topics, including the types of accommodation people stay in, household relationships, age, sex, health and employment status.

New for 2022 include use of British Sign Language (BSL), passports held, previous armed forces history and new voluntary questions on sexual orientation and trans status.

Registrar General Paul Lowe stressed it’s a legal responsibility to take part in the census and said: “I want to thank everyone who has participated so far. I am delighted to see such a terrific response from the people of Scotland.

“The census only happens every ten years and its results will be important for generations to come. By taking a few minutes to answer questions about yourself, your household, and the place where you live, everyone plays a vital role in helping shape important services in your community, from the building of new schools and hospitals to improving transport links and understanding health needs.

“These one million households have ensured their voices have been heard. Make sure yours is too. It’s quick and easy to complete online, with paper forms available for those who need them.

“Help and support is available on our website or via our free helpline 0800 030 8308.”

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