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Happy ending as travelling tabby Zuzia goes home

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By Christie Breen
Happy ending as travelling tabby Zuzia goes home

A FAMILY from Aberdeen were reunited with their cat on Saturday after she was found hundreds of miles from home . . . in Lockerbie.

The travelling tabby named Zuzia was handed into Ark Veterinary Centre last week after being spotted near the Lockerbie Sawmill.

But after scanning her microchip the vet team were surprised to discover that Zuzia had been missing from her home in Aberdeen for 18 months.

Even more surprised were owners Natalie and Ian Crehan to get a call from the south of Scotland about their missing moggy.

And they jumped in the car at the weekend and made the 205 mile journey to Lockerbie, with their two young children, to finally be reunited with Zuzia.

The family were delighted to be taking her home just in time for Natalie’s birthday.

Veterinary nurse Jemma Knowles-Brown, who helped look after Zuzia while she was at the practice, said: “She came in looking like a normal healthy cat, we were all gobsmacked when we checked her chip details and found out she was from Aberdeen.

“We think she had jumped on a lorry or something along those lines, but it just goes to show how important microchipping your pets and keeping the details up to date is.

“It’s so nice that Zuzia’s story has a happy ending and that she’s home and safe.”


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