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Gull cash agreed

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By Marc Mclean
Gull cash agreed


A SUBSTANTIAL amount of money will still be spent on the seagulls problem in Dumfries and Galloway, despite the council struggling to balance the books.
A previous decision to spend up to £83,500 on gull control measures was rubber-stamped at Tuesday’s budget meeting.
North West Dumfries Councillor Graham Bell was pleased to see the council stick to its commitment on tackling the gulls problem, and the farmer reiterated the ruthless approach he’d like to take.
Speaking at the budget meeting, Councillor Graham Bell said: “Regarding the gulls, it’s nice to see the part here about gull management.
“But me personally, I take it a step further. I’d have them culled. That’s my view, not the view of everyone round the room here.
“But at least there’s a step forward here. We’re seeing more of a gull management process, and I’m delighted to see there’s a bit in there mentioning that.”
Council leader Elaine Murray responded: “Thank you Councillor Bell. I don’t think Nature Scot would allow you to go out with your gun and shoot them.”
At last month’s communities committee, it was agreed to spend up to £83,500 on four different action steps to tackle problem gulls.
These are: expanding the roll-out of gull-proof bins – £42,000, fitting roof spikes, wires and nets on council properties – £30,000, egg and nest removal/egg oiling – £10,000, expanding the roll-out of gull-proof sacks to businesses – £1500.


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