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GREYHOUNDS: Freebie runs a border flyer

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By Toby McKend
GREYHOUNDS: Freebie runs a border flyer

BORDER fancy Freebie powered to a runaway victory in the opening sprint race at Gretna greyhound racing on Friday night.

The two-year-old dog from Tina Robinson and Basher Carmichael of Greenmill, Longtown led from the first bend to win by an impressive 9.5 lengths.

Strongest challenger was Fat Man, a three-year-old dog, owned and trained by Dexter Clark of Kirkbride.

There was a double-up by Carlisle owner-trainer Mark Little.

His two-year-old dog Magic Big Lad took the fourth sprint race honours by half a length from Lanarkshire-based Mrs Bean.

Next Little victory was in the seventh race over the middle distance when Magic Sam crossed the line 4.25 lengths in front of Franny Hill’s Hawick greyhound Snowie Dream.

Meanwhile, Gretna racing director Craig Norman states there are still entries available for the annual Noggs Gretna Derby heats over 470 metres and open competition over 280 and 665 metres.

Heats commence this Friday, November 11, with the Derby final on November 18.



First race (7.30) – 1, Freebie, trap 4, price 4/6 fav.; 2, Fat Man, 2, 6/4; distance 9.5 lengths; winning time 17.15 seconds.

Second (7.45) – 1, Another Show, 1, evens fav.; 2, Reject, 3, evens fav.; a head; 17.30.

Third (8.00) – 1, Wiggy’s Black, 3, 6/4; 2, Uncle Tom, 2, 2/1; 2; 17.51.

Fourth (8.15) – 1, Magic Big Lad, 3, evens fav.; 2, Mrs Bean, 1, evens fav.; .5; 17.78.

Fifth (8.30) – 1, Canny Make It, 2, 2/1; 2,  Park Lane, 3, 6/4; 1.75; 17.52.

Sixth (8.45) – 1, Honey Suckle, 4, 6/4; 2, Bunch, 3, 2/1;  2.75; 17.29.

Seventh (9.00) – 1, Magic Sam, 4, 2/1; 2, Snowie Dream, 1, 5/2;  4.25; 29.57.



NEWSDESK: 01461-202417

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