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Gretna houses egged in vandalism spate

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By Euan Maxwell
Annan and Eskdale
Gretna houses egged in vandalism spate

GRETNA residents were left infuriated last week after local hooligans went house-to-house egging windows and leaving a trail of destruction behind.

The group was seen outside a number of properties in the town between 7 and 10 pm on Thursday night vandalising, acting disorderly and playing loud music.

Many taking to social media quickly found they were not alone in being targeted by the mindless mob.

Claire Johnson who lives on Empire Way said the individuals in question pelted her property with eggs, dumped sugar and milk in her garden and “scared my dog half to death”.

“Police need to catch them and do something, it’s ridiculous,” she added.

Jason Black said his residence in Graitney was also subject to the eggings.

And Keeley Middleton added she was “furious” after she found eggshells and yolk on the outside of her windows as well.

But the incident comes as no surprise to some; Pamela Blakeman remarked it has been “going on for months”.

Lorraine Muirhead said that townfolk are “so fed up of them”, adding: “God help them when someone catches them in the act.”

In recent weeks and months there has also been damage to the area around Stormont Hall, Gretna Green, for which the police were following positive lines of enquiry.

  • Anyone with CCTV or information should contact the police on 101.


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