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Gretna given chance to comment on community

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Gretna given chance to comment on community
BRUNCH . . . alongside helping the community, attendees could indulge in a number of baked goods

BRUNCH and Blether events were held in the Gretna area at the weekend to promote the Borderlands Initiative local place plan.

Members of the Solway Area Team, which includes the Gretna and Rigg (GRCC) and Springfield and Gretna Green Community Councils, gathered alongside the Social Enterprise Consultancy to find out the opinions of local residents on how to improve Gretna in the future.

The place plan itself will discuss not just planning decisions, but also other community services ranging from transport, health and education to social care and business support.

As such, community events are being held to encourage people to be involved and invested in the future of their towns.

After a short presentation explaining to attendees what the event was all about, several boards were put up for residents to write about what they like about Gretna and what they would want to change.

The organisers said they were keen to build on the positives of the town and find things that will make a real difference. Survey sheets were given out too.

AND BLETHER . . . residents who attended the event were treated to a presentation and surveys to help the Solway Area Team

So far, 71 per cent of people in Gretna said they feel they will still be living there in a decade, but only 49 per cent felt like it is a good place to live.

Furthermore, 38 per cent say it is a good place to work, 34 per cent believe it is a good place to visit but only 11 per cent think it is a good place for leisure.

Previous surveys noted that residents enjoyed how quiet and friendly Gretna is, but had concerns about the poor state of the roads, transport and leisure.

But all agree that they want to see the town prospering with greater economic wealth locally.

GRCC chairperson Kirsten Herbst-Taylor said: “These meetings are pivotal to the future of Gretna and we need all hands on deck in order to prepare the place plan for the Borderlands Initiative.

“We have been trying to raise awareness for our events since last year but we have not received the turnout we are hoping to attain.

“It is hoped that making these events take place closer to home, such as the event in Springfield, will make more people interested in popping in to share their opinions and get involved.”


23rd Feb

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By Ben Murray | DNG24