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Gretna Bakery reduces waste thanks to app

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Gretna Bakery reduces waste thanks to app
BAKER'S BAG . . . Gretna baker Stewart Hornby

GRETNA Bakery has cut down on carbon dioxide emissions and reduced their amount of waste through the use of a new app.

Too Good To Go is a service with a mobile application that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have surplus unsold food.

Using the app, you can place an order with a local bakery, restaurant or supermarket and they will give you a bag filled with random items that weren’t sold on the day of the order.

Thanks to this, Gretna Bakery have been able to sell 209 extra meals, cut down on 522.5 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce their three wheelie bins to just two thanks to using the app.

Co-owner of Gretna Bakery, Stewart Hornby said: “Too Good To Go have helped us crack down on our waste in a big way.

“Not only are we reducing our contributions to the landfill, but selling these items for en masse for a third of the price also helps people who are struggling financially.

“It is a fantastic way to combat food waste.”


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