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Green energy trial was a hit

Thousands of customers saved on their energy and balanced the grid

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By Ben Murray
Dumfries and West
Green energy trial was a hit

HOUSEHOLDS across Dumfries and Galloway have participated in a trial to cut energy usage.

Over 2500 customers for Octopus Energy signed up to the six-week trial that saw them up their energy usage when green energy was in abundance.

It helped to balance the power grid and bring down energy costs, with households using more than 100 per cent extra power being credited double the amount they had used.

Each customer was directed to power up their usage during six two-hour trial windows, and most households were rewarded with £5 of free energy, with some saving up to £73.

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, from Octopus Energy Group, said: “By tweaking how we consume power, we can make the most of every green electron generated in the UK and bring down costs for all.

“This trial was just the first step proving that people are happy to make small adjustments to help the grid and save cash.

“With a much larger campaign we would be able to really move the needle towards the flexible energy system we need for a greener future.”


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