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Ghostly goings on . . .

By Fiona Reid
Ghostly goings on . . .

WHEN there's something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? What about DNG Media's resident astrologer and ghostbuster Cameron Murray? In this special Halloween feature, Cameron carried out a spooky experiment at the home of one reader in Springfield. Take a deep breath and read on to see what ghostly goings-on he uncovered.

FROM the outside Denise’s* home looks normal enough, but step inside and it’s been a different story.
For she has experienced not one, but four hauntings at the property in Springfield since she moved in three years ago.
She has seen people walking past outside that are in fact not physically present.
And, more eerily, inside there has been a lingering coldness in the spare bedroom, while unseen hands have tucked her up in her own bed.
She said: “It has happened in every house I have been in, more or less, but this one was the worst.”
Enough is finally enough, so Denise jumped at the chance to have things investigated by Annandale psychic Cameron Murray.
He arrived on the night of a full moon and set to work trying to find out what’s been going on.
Under the scrutiny of Denise, he placed three seance instruments around the house: a tambourine in the lounge, a ouija board in the kitchen and a bell in the master bedroom. And he asked the spirit to to make itself known by using them – but only if it was friendly.

Cameron Murray with his seance equipment
Cameron Murray with his seance equipment

Explaining more, Cameron (pictured) said: “The investigation of the internal hauntings proved extremely profound.
“I set an audio recorder in the cold bedroom. It had fresh batteries but within 30 seconds of switching it on, it had run out of power. Very eerie and often classed as a sign of spirit activity.”
As the night wore on it seemed the spirits wanted to communicate more with the householder than with Cameron.
Her phone, but not his, recorded images of orbs – classed as evidence of spirit presence and something Denise experiences at home on a regular basis.
Even more chillingly, upon entering her empty bedroom the bell at the other side of the room rang several times.
They managed to capture the moment on video and Cameron described it as ‘really quite startling’.
But it was in the cold room that he made the most interesting discovery, linked to a photo of Denise’s daughter when she was young.
Cameron said: “This picture used to be on the living room wall. Apparently when on that wall the strange phenomena would occur, but when it was moved to the wardrobe in the cold room the activity stopped. “This photograph appears to show an old woman’s face to the right of the child.”
He believes the photo is integral to the whole haunting phenomena at the house and said: “I feel the old woman was a relation and wanted to show she was present to the mother and daughter at the time the photo was taken.
“She was caring, grandmotherly, which is why the lady was being tucked into bed. The room being so cold even when heating is on revealed the photo in that particular room was having an effect.”
Wrapping things up, he reassured the householder that her spirit is a friendly presence.
However, she said: “It was frightening but I was kind of in shock. I always knew there was something there.
“Since his visit it’s been fine in the house but I’m still scared. I sleep with the light on.”
Pleased with how things went, Cameron said: “In a lot of places you get a feeling there’s something there, but nothing concrete. But this happened. That’s cast iron.
“There was a lot of activity. I was extremely pleased.”
“This was an excellent subject and the result was extremely successful.”
* Denise does not wish to be further identified

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