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Get set to be scared!

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By Fiona Reid
Get set to be scared!

AN immersive and interactive event will take place in Dumfries next month in a bid to put the scare back into Halloween.

But will you be brave enough to peek ‘Beneath the Dust’?

This Halloween, October 31, the doors are being opened on a largely forgotten central Dumfries building. And the proprietors are inviting the public to The Feast in association with Bunbury Banter Theatre Company, Grid Iron, Surge and The Stove. They are keeping tight lipped about exactly what’s in store and say the only way to find out for sure what it’s all about is by accepting your invitation to The Feast. Ali Anderson-Dyer, director and co-founder of Bunbury Banter, said: “Halloween used to be a time when communities banded together to ward off darkness and evil. After all, nothing brings people closer than the fear of the unknown. Much of that has been lost, and old Halloween traditions have been in a long decline. So we thought it was high time to try to reverse that trend and offer people something with more bite than a Hollywood horror movie.

“We hope that Beneath The Dust will get people wondering how well they know the place where they live, and how confident they really are that it’s all just a show.”

Strictly for over 18s, it will take place at various times from 30 October to 2 November.


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