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Frenchman in Burns past life claim

By Joseph Gartley
Annan and Eskdale
Frenchman in Burns past life claim

"ROBERT Burns lives on in me", says Frenchman Pascal Belz, who was holidaying in the area this week.

Pascal, who is from Brittany, believes he is a reincarnation of the great Scottish Bard.

The primary school teacher has described how for 40 years he led a normal life and was completely oblivious to his past life.
However, after several visits to Scotland and a freak incident in which he spoke with a different voice, he discovered a rich and varied past.
In his other lives he claims to have lived in ancient Greece and Babylon, but the most notable and significant was as Robert Burns.
A keen poet himself, Pascal said: “I always write strong words. I am a very spirited being. My poems are more spiritual than Robert Burns, as I am now a more evolved being.”
Pascal noted that the first hint of his Scottish heritage was when he smelled peated whiskey in Cummertrees.
He claims that the smell was familiar to him, and had stuck with him for many years with it being his main incentive to return to Scotland.
The next hint was when he read a Robert Burns poem, and thought that he had stolen his words.
He said he immediately recognised that the Bard’s works, were actually his own – one and the same.
And on seeing a play about Burns’ life, he was moved to tears and felt emotional for several days afterwards.
All his suspicions were confirmed in visits to several psychics who confirmed that in a past life he was in fact Burns.
Pascal also claims that the two share similar attributes, both physically and physiologically resulting in similarities between them and their lives.
He said: “I act the same as him. He did not have a single idea which I have not have, even before I knew about his existence.”
After a camping stay in Annan, Pascal returned home to France yesterday but is hoping to continue his investigations into his possible past life. He plans to release a series of books each describing a different rebirth he has experienced.

Low and dead is the grey sky and heavy,
The rain is falling falling constantly
And draws on the land a curtain thick thick.

In a ring of trees old, green and quiet
That cover its braes remote and silent,
Loch Ettrick, jewell of creation, lies.

Mirror of my soul, image of my mind,
Eye of heaven in a land forgotten,
Loch Ettrick in silence and wisdom lies.

The truth in me is like a secret great,
Not at all to be heard, not to be said.
Loch Ettrick well hears what its water tells.

You are as old as I, We don’t remember,
We’ve seen so many people, many years,
Loch Ettrick, my mirror and I’m all yours.
Pascal Belz, Breton Poet
Loch Ettrick, July 26 2016


23rd Feb

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