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Former miners offered fuel grant by charity

A coal mining charity has launched a scheme to provide support to miners

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Former miners offered fuel grant by charity

A GRANT has been offered to former miners across Scotland to help them cope with the rising costs of fuel in 2022.

The Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO) has launched the scheme in an attempt to support former coal miners or their partners or widows, and to help them combat the huge hike in the energy price cap which came into effect in April.

The one-off grant will give particularly vulnerable people £200 to help them with the increased prices.

Nicola Didlock, Chief Executive at CISWO, said: “We are very aware that many of our beneficiaries are vulnerable and susceptible to the cold, especially those on low incomes and trying to cope with ill-health, mobility issues and older properties to maintain.

“We want to ensure that those individuals are identified and supported to keep warm and healthy, particularly during the colder months as the energy price rise begins to impact those most affected.”

CISWO’s Personal Welfare team will be identifying people in need and supporting them to get the help they are entitled to. As well as the CISWO grant, they will help people to obtain other financial aid and subsidies from the government.

For more information about claiming the £200 CISWO grant, visit or call 01506 635 550.

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