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For the love of bread

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By Fiona Reid
For the love of bread

CRISP French bread, crunchy granary loaves, soft white baps, hot buttered toast . . .

It’s the stuff of dreams.

And don’t even get me started on the delectable whiff of freshly baked bread. I could quite happily while away the hours in a bakery.

assortment of baked bread isolated on white background

Given how much I love bread, it may surprise you to hear that I’m giving it up for Lent: 40 days and nights (give or take) without my comfort food. Eeek, it really will be a test of self discipline, as the Bible advises.

Chocolate is passe and been done before; coffee is absolutely essential given the nocturnal habits of my toddler; and I couldn’t spoil the weekly office cake club . . . so bread it is. Breakfast should be ok with granola and porridge to fill the gap – but lunch is going to be a conundrum, especially on the days I’m at work and pack my own lunch.

And I’m also worried my late night toast habit could be replaced by biscuits- therein lies a slippery slope.

Tonight, along with my pancakes, I’ll be sitting down to a feast of the dough variety for one last treat. Watch this space to find out how I’m getting on…

Spread Butter


** UPDATE: One week in and I’m craving and dreaming about bread. However, it has not been as hard as I thought to find substitutes for lunch and breakfast- though I think I’ll be sick of cereal for breakfast come Easter. I did slip at the weekend and eat a bread stick without realising and I’ve had a crumpet too – but I can’t decide if the latter counts?


** UPDATE 2: Happy National Toast Day! It seems apt to confess now that I’ve fallen off the Lenten wagon and indulged in some bread. My excuse is one of illness, when I always crave my comfort food. That and a particularly stressful weekend with a very poorly toddler, when only bread would suffice.

In all the years of following Lent, I’ve never before transgressed and I’m not sure what to do about it. Do I wipe the slate clean and start again; pray for forgiveness; or just accept it’s not to be this year?

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