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Flu outbreaks puts strain on hospital

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Flu outbreaks puts strain on hospital

“EXTREME demand” is being placed on Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary following a flu outbreak in the region.

It’s the busiest time of the year at the hospital and staff are trying to cope with an increased number of admissions.
And this week there was a warning to the public to consider if their condition merits a trip to the accident and emergency department.
Infection control manager Elaine Ross confirmed that flu and other respiratory viruses are circulating locally and said: “Currently, the demand on our local hospital is extreme. Patients are arriving at our Emergency Department and via GP referrals with flu like symptoms and persistent coughs that are may be compounded by underlying conditions.
“We are appealing to the public that if they do experience any flu like and respiratory symptoms to take lots of fluids and paracetamol and to stay indoors and get plenty of rest until they feel better.
“We are also urging people to not visit relatives in the hospital if they are showing any symptoms. It is vital that we stop the spread of infection.”
And DGRI interim general manager Gail Meier said: “It is a very demanding time for the health service and I take the opportunity to urge everyone to consider the use of emergency services as it is a finite resource. Community pharmacies and NHS 24 offer help and advice as an alternative to attending hospital.”
Praising hospital staff, she added: “Our multi-disciplinary teams, including patient flow co-ordinators and bed managers, are working round the clock to assess patients and determine the need for admissions and that patients are seen, treated and either discharged or admitted in a timely manner.
“I would like to thank everyone for their commitment over the past few weeks.”


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