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Flower tub is a terror threat, say police

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Flower tub is a terror threat, say police

A FLOWER tub in Annan High Street struck by a car might be restored — but then forced to move due to anti-terror bomb fears.

Police Scotland have suggested that the seemingly innocent planter which sits near the junction with Greencroft Wynd be moved, for fears it could be used to conceal explosives.
Addressing The Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council who take responsibility for the planters, PC Alan Wilson said: “I’m surprised you haven’t been requested to move some of these from near the police station, because obviously there’s ongoing issues with terrorism sites.
“We’ve had station security visits, and also bins and plant containers are capable of hiding explosives.
“It’s one of things that I highlighted in my last security survey for the station, that we could try to look at getting some of these removed away from the police station.
Community council chairman Allan Weild said the planters could be relocated, and said that initial plans to replace a tub damaged by a car was now being investigated as a possible insurance claim.
The incident which saw the planter struck by a vehicle which then left the scene is being investigated by police.
Newly elected councillor Henry McClelland witnessed the incident, and said: “I reported it, because I saw it.
“There were two other witnesses as well.”
He added: “I was walking past Francis (bakers) when the car mounted the pavement and took the flower box out.
“There were two other witnesses that saw it much closer than me.
“We’re waiting for formal statements to be given, but the car was identified and the registration number as well.”


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