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Flora’s final wish

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By Fiona Reid
Flora's final wish

A KIND hearted Dunscore woman has bequeathed £4600 to Guide Dogs Scotland.

Flora Duffy, who passed away in March at the age of 93, wrote in her will that the money go to the charity which was close to her heart.
And her wish has been granted by her great niece Jill Dickson, the store director of Specsavers Dumfries.
She organised for representatives from Guide Dogs Scotland to visit the opticians’ shop as a tribute to Flora.
Jill said: “We’re very proud that Flora chose to leave the money to Guide Dogs. It’s an organisation that’s very close to our hearts and we are very aware of the fantastic impact it has on people in Dumfries and its surrounding communities.
“Flora was a wonderful and very generous lady and it’s very moving to know that she felt so strongly about the charity.”

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