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Five star plan for Crichton site

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By Rod Edgar
Five star plan for Crichton site

A £60 MILLION plan could transform the Crichton Hall in Dumfries into a five star, 300-bedroom golf hotel.

The proposal based on US financing features as part of a business plan set out by the Crichton Trust, along with plans for Crichton Church and Nithbank.
Setting out options for Crichton Hall if absorbed into the trust’s portfolio, the business plan said: “Discussions are at a fairly early stage but the proposal would be to turn the property into a four or possibly five star 300-bed spa hotel with adjacent golf course and associated amenities.
“This would be a truly transformational development not just for Dumfries but the region as a whole.”
It added: “A potential North American partner has already been identified by the trust and if negotiations are successful will potential bring an investment in the region of £60 million to Dumfries.”
The report says discussions have been held with NHS Dumfries and Galloway over taking both Crichton Hall and Nithbank into the Trust portfolio for redevelopment.
And while it says plans on the scale of a 300-bedroom hotel would take time to reach fruition, it says the fact discussions are underway with interested parties ‘means that there is a realistic prospect that agreement could be reached to coincide with the planned move to the new hospital, albeit new administrative offices would have to be secured’.
The new Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary is currently scheduled to open in spring 2018.
The proposed use for Nithbank is student residences and flat accommodation – subject to the outcome of a current feasibility study.
The vision for the future was set out to councillors on Friday.

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