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Find the flock, at a spot near you!

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By Fiona Reid
Find the flock, at a spot near you!

THE art trail Flock to the Show is in Dumfries and Galloway this week, its penultimate location.

It will be in various parts of the region until Sunday and one of the flock is by Galloway artist Pauline Paterson.

Her ‘Companion Grazers’ design, sponsored by Hoggs of Fife, takes inspiration from the famous Belted Galloway cattle or “Belties” as they are more commonly known locally.

A regular partnership, sheep and belties are companion grazers, existing happily together. Their different tastes in herbage varieties ensure the most efficient use of the land for the farmer.

Different sculptures from the flock can be seen at:

Gretna Green

Harrison & Hetherington

Dumfries House

Dumfries ICentre

SRUC Barony

Locc Arthur Farm Shop

Cornwaite Group (Dumfries)

Murray Farmcare

Castle Kennedy Gardens

Following the tour, the flock shall return to the Royal Highland Show during the Golden Shears in June this year, which will be the only time the sheep sculptures will gather together in one location.

They will then be auctioned later in the year to raise funds that will support the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland Bicentennial Fund, which supports projects in the rural sector dedicated to mental health, sustainability, succession and women in agriculture.

Ian Beck, director at Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) said: “We encourage everyone to join in and try to spot as many of our flock as they can – with such a brilliant and diverswith such a brilliant and diverse range of designs from talented artists, visitors won’t be disappointed!”


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