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Felling concerns addressed as careful calls made

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By Fiona Reid
Lockerbie and Lochmaben
Felling concerns addressed as careful calls made

ASSURANCES have been given that tree felling operations near Lockerbie are taking account of local wildlife habitats.

Members of the public have raised concerns that the works at Cemetery Wood could be disturbing nests and food sources.

One woman, who did not want to be named, yesterday said: “They are disturbing and potentially preventing new wildlife from reproducing. “They are within metres of disturbing a woodpecker and its nest and a red squirrel’s food source

“It’s abhorrent to be cutting trees at this time of year due to young wildlife.”

But in response, the estate said: “We are aware of the concern of some local residents regarding the current statutory plant health notice felling mandated by the Scottish Government. We care greatly about our woodlands and local biodiversity, and it is good to see that many of the local Lockerbie residents feel the same.

“Industry best practice and legislative requirements have been met for these felling operations.

“We are already in communication with some local residents about their concerns and are happy to discuss operations with those who call the estate directly.”

Meanwhile, Castlemilk has also issued a plea to members of the public to be careful near the felling and say some people have been ignoring safety measures in the area, as well as removing signs, ripping out and hiding barriers.

And in one ‘alarming’ instance, someone ignored a worker and snuck through the woods behind a machine felling trees.

In a statement, Castlemilk said: “This behaviour endangers everyone at the site – members of the public and employees and contractors.

“We know this is a vanishingly small amount of people – but please make sure if you are out enjoying the woods then you are following instructions at all times.

“Thank you to everyone who fully cooperates while felling is ongoing. These measures are in place to protect everyone at the wood and it’s vital they’re followed.”

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