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Fears for bus service after third stone attack

By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Fears for bus service after third stone attack

A THIRD stone-throwing attack on a Dumfries bus route within a week has raised fears for the future of the service.

Stagecoach say they are monitoring the 12 service following the latest incident in Lincluden, but there are urgent calls to halt the attacks.
Lincluden Community Council chairman Malcolm Campbell said: “Stagecoach have got to put their drivers’ and passengers’ safety at the foremost.
“They’ve got to make sure they’re safe, and if they don’t think they’re going to be safe I can just see this service being cancelled, to be honest.
“And it’s going to be a shame because there’s a lot of elderly people during the day who use this service.”
An object was again hurled at a bus on Lincluden Road at about 7.15 pm on Sunday, smashing a window.
It comes after previous incidents on Priory Road at about 12.55 pm on Tuesday April 11 and 6.40 pm on Saturday April 8.
On all three occasions, a small group of youths approximately 12 years of age are thought to be responsible.
Mr Campbell said: “I have spoken to some kids and they keep repeating that there’s nothing to do, but that’s not acceptable.
Pointing to the potential dangers, such as a driver swerving into oncoming traffic, he added: “It’s just unthinkable what might happen, with a windscreen getting smashed or something.”
Mr Campbell notes the 12 service is very popular, running from Lincluden into the centre of town and back and proving a link to the hospital.
Stagecoach are assisting police with enquiries, and a spokeswoman for the firm said: “Safety is our priority.
“However, we will continue to run the service as normal but will monitor the situation closely.”
She added: “These vandals are putting the safety of our passengers and drivers at risk.”
PC Richard Davidson warned the outcome could have been very different and said: “I am asking anyone who knows the identity of these youths contact Police Scotland on 101 before someone gets hurt.”


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