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Father’s book inspires new Lockerbie TV drama

By Fiona Reid
Father’s book inspires new Lockerbie TV drama

A NEW mini series is to be made based on the true story of a father’s search for justice after the Lockerbie disaster.

‘Lockerbie’ has been inspired by Dr Jim Swire, pictured, and his wife Jane’s hunt for the truth about the 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 in which their beloved daughter Flora died.

It is based on the book ‘The Lockerbie Bombing: A Father’s Search for Justice’ by Jim Swire and Peter Biddulph, along with multiple other sources and will explore events from 1988 to the present day, while providing an intimate account of a man, a husband, and a father who pushes his marriage, his health, and his sanity to the edge.

Production will start later this year on the five part drama, which is expected to air in 2023 on Sky in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy. It will stream on Peacock in the US.

Academy Award-nominees Jim and Kirsten Sheridan have been selected to write the show and they said: “The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 was one of the world’s deadliest terror attacks that continues to have widespread implications for the meaning of justice in the US, Scotland and Libya.

“Over 30 years on, this series takes an intimate and very personal look at the aftermath of the disaster, and we are grateful to all of those, particularly Jim and Jane, who have entrusted us to tell their story, and the story of their loved ones, on screen.”

Shortly after the bombing, Dr Swire, who is from Berkshire, helped launch a campaign for truth and justice, along with some of the other victims’ families. That work has taken him to the sand dunes of Libya to meet face-to-face with Colonel Gaddafi, to 10 Downing Street to meet with successive Prime Ministers and to the corridors of power in the US where he worked with the American victims’ groups to mount pressure on Washington for tighter airport security, well before 9/11.

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