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By Fiona Reid

This is a premium four-part documentary series about Britain’s worst terrorist atrocity and the most fatal terrorist attack on the US before 9/11: the bombing of Pan Am flight 103, when 270 people lost their lives on the 21st December 1988. With access to victims’ families, investigators, officials and other key figures we will revisit in detail the events in the run up to and aftermath of the disaster. Using master interview, beautifully shot locations, stylistic visualisations and cutting-edge graphic effects, this will bring dramatic storytelling and a distinctive vision to an under-told story. We will examine the official version of events by forensically revisiting the evidence and witness accounts, exploring police and FBI files, and digging into the unanswered questions and puzzling anomalies of the case to seek to present the truth about what happened and who was responsible.


01st Mar

Queens board to step down

By Euan Maxwell | DNG24