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Fastest flipper sought

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Fastest flipper sought

TOP pancake flippers are going head to head at Gretna Gateway today.

Kitchenware store ProCook is celebrating Pancake Day with a contest to find the ‘Best Flipper 2017’.
Pancake-making pros will compete to see who can flip a pancake the most times in one minute with the winner taking home a haul of kitchenware prizes.
Kate Lewis at ProCook said: “The 2016 national winner managed to flip their pancake 119 times in just one minute, so we are hoping to see someone beat that to take the ProCook title.”
And Gretna Gateway manager Scott Wells added: “We are encouraging our shoppers and retailer staff to stop by ProCook and put their pancake tossing skills to the test and I am sure the centre team will pop in to have a go too.
“It would be great to see a Gretna shopper beat the 2016 record.”

Annan and Eskdale, Front

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