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Fashion focus for historic tower

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By Fiona Reid
Fashion focus for historic tower

FORGET Paris and London, Gilnockie Tower near Canonbie is having its own fashion event this weekend.

On Sunday visitors to this historic site can explore Border Reiver fashion from the 16th century.

It will range from noble attire to everyday wear, offering insights into social classes and historical tidbits.

The event will feature members of the Teviotdale Steel Bonnets, who will share stories and explain what set the Reivers apart different social classes.

A Gilnockie spokesperson said: “You’ll have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the diverse array of garments worn during this historical period. From the intricate details of noble attire to the rustic charm of everyday wear, witness the fashion tapestry that defined the Border Reiver times.

“As you stroll through our immersive exhibits and engaging displays, you’ll not only witness the evolution of fashion but also gain valuable insights into the distinctive clothing worn by both the gentry and the pheasants of that era.

“Don’t miss this chance to not only witness history but to actively participate in it. Join us for a day of historical fashion discovery, where you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the fashion landscape of Border Reiver.”


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