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Fashion becomes art

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By Fiona Reid
Fashion becomes art

ART and fashion came together for a fabulous photo shoot ahead of the Spring Fling weekend.

Local photographer Kim Ayres was inspired by the three large Spring Fling Rural Murals (SFRMs) across the region.
And she gathered at one with models Jessica Lee and Katarina Marie Kositzki to show off clothes by Kirkcudbright designer Morag Macpherson.
Textile artist Morag was one of the creators of the mural backdrop at Meiklewood Farm, Ringford.
So it was fitting that her her handmade silk kimono-style jackets, wrap round skirts and coats featured in the shoot.
Kim said: “We’d originally thought of doing a fashion shoot with a big city graffiti backdrop – there’s not a lot of that in the Dumfries and Galloway countryside.
“But when Morag worked with Italian street artist Tellas to paint a big, colourful mural on the steading at Ringford we realised it would be the perfect backdrop – creating a really bold and edgy mood.”
She added: “Our models were fantastic at throwing some attitude straight down the lens.”

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Morag said: “Having the fashion shoot was huge fun – the way the mural and the fabrics seemed to set each other off was quite amazing.”
She is just one of ten textile artists and designers taking part in this weekend’s Spring Fling, from May 28-30.
Thousands of visitors are expected in the region to see the 94 specially-selected artists and makers who are throwing open their studio doors.
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FREE PICTURE:  Rural Mural inspires fashion extravaganza, 24/05/2016: SPRING INTO FASHION: Art and fashion came together to show off fabulous fabrics ahead of the Spring Fling open studios weekend on 28th-30th May (2016).   One of three new Spring Fling Rural Murals (SFRMs) in Dumfries and Galloway was chosen to showcase hand-made silk kimono-style jackets, wrap-round skirts and coats by international textile designer Morag Macpherson. She and Italian international street artist Tellas, were also the creators of the mural, at Meiklewood Farm, Ringford, near Castle Douglas. Pictured is Katarina Marie Kositzki in designer wrap-round silk patterned skirt and waistcoat.  Thousands of visitors will see the murals as they tour the 94 Spring Fling visual arts festival studios, including Morag’s. The fashion shoot project was led by photographer Kim Ayres, a regular Spring Fling participant. The models were Jessica Lee and Katarina Marie Kositzki, with hair and makeup by Basement 20, Dumfries. For further details on Spring Fling please visit More information from:  Matthew Shelley, PR consultant for Spring Fling / Rural Mural - 07786 704 299 - Photography by Kim Ayres - 07971 969 953 - -

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