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European Election results

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By Fiona Reid
European Election results

COUNTING is underway at The Bridge in Dumfries for the European elections. We'll be bringing you the news and results as they happen.

11.31pm: The results are in and are as follows:

SNP: 12,670

Brexit Party: 9981

Conservative & Unionist: 9651

Lib Dem: 4544

Labour: 3207

Green: 3140

UKIP: 1228

Change UK: 913

Independents: 246/62

10.22pm: The sorting is done and the counting is about to start. We should have a result in about an hour, by midnight at the latest.

9.17pm: Just to refresh your memory, here’s how the region voted in 2014:

Conservative 14,143/Labour: 8909/SNP 8634/UKIP 5752/Green 2418/Lib Dem 1808/Britain First 481/BNP 363/NOEU 195

9.02pm: Turnout results coming in from other parts of Scotland – Edinburgh leading the way with 0ver 50%. D&G turnout is up 3% on the last EU election in 2014.

8pm: Higher than expected turnout in Dumfries and Galloway of 40.6% — 45,843 papers are to be counted tonight.

Results will be screened on here as they come in

7.11 pm: The final boxes are being verified so counting will commence shortly. Representatives from all the political parties are in the room, watching and waiting.

5.32 pm: Councillors, politicians and party officials are watching as the first few boxes are opened here at The Bridge in Dumfries. The region’s declaration is expected at 10pm.

5.54pm: Vote verification is going on before the actual counting can begin.