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English St stay away warning

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By Euan Maxwell
Dumfries and West
English St stay away warning

DUMFRIES residents were urged to stay away from the English Street area yesterday due to a “very unstable” chimney stack on a rundown building.

Westlakes Demolition had to call in extra help from a crane due to the rickety chimney stack on the former Treasure Cave bed and suite store.

A spokesman for the demolition company stressed: “Dumfries members of the public are advised to stay away from the area whilst the immediate danger is dealt with.”

Demolition work on the derelict building started on Monday but had to be halted due to heavy rain making it unsafe for the workers.

But once the weather improved Westlakes started working again and the demolition is now well underway.

And it is estimated that the front of the building could be taken down by the end of the week.

However, English Street will only reopen once Dumfries and Galloway Council is “satisfied” that it’s safe to do so.

Phase two of the demolition – to the rear of the building at Shakespeare Street – is expected to begin on Monday, May 23, and last for two weeks. A single lane on Shakespeare Street to the rear of the property will be closed and parking in front of St Andrew’s Church will also be temporarily suspended.

A council spokesman yesterday said: “The owner’s contractor estimates that demolition of the front of the Treasure Cave on English Street will be completed this week.

“When this is finished, and Dumfries and Galloway Council is satisfied that there is no danger to the public, we will reopen English Street to pedestrians and a single lane for vehicles.

“Residents and businesses have been informed by the owner, and Dumfries and Galloway Council has taken further steps to ensure public safety, e.g., closing English Street to traffic and pedestrians while keeping diversions in place.”

She added: “It is anticipated by the owner’s contractor that phase two of the demolition work (the rear of the Treasure Cave) will begin on 23 May and last for two weeks. This timescale is outwith our control and subject to change depending on the demolition.

“The demolition of the Treasure Cave on English Street remains the responsibility of the owner.

“The safety of members of the public is Dumfries and Galloway Council’s paramount concern. Minimising disruption to local businesses, residents and motorists comes next.

“Any road closures/re-openings are subject to Westlake Demolition’s timescales for the work. Our officers are working closely with the owner’s demolition contractor to ensure we take the appropriate measures at the right time.”

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