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Emissions petition launched

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By Amy Duffy
Emissions petition launched
A DUNSCORE man has set up a petition requesting the UK Government displays emissions produced on imported goods.
Following the COP 26 conference in Glasgow last year, Dr Alan Jones realised that only territorial emissions, which are essentially emissions produced and consumed by residents of the same country, were being accounted for.
Dr Jones said: “In the UK imported emissions in 2018 were over 75 per cent of the value of territorial emissions, but they remain unaccounted for, even though they form part of the UK’s overall carbon footprint.
“My goal is to do something about this.”
The campaign’s aim is to ensure all goods imported into the UK to display at the point of sale, and on any product packaging, the embedded emissions of that good.

To read more about what Dr Jones is proposing, and to sign the petition, visit