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Embrace the winter

By Fiona Reid
Embrace the winter

THERE'S a definite nip in the air as winter bustles in.

And maybe you’re feeling gloomy about the prospect of shorter days and darkness.
But fear not, we have some tips to keep your spirits up this winter – whatever the weather.
Light retailers Scotlight Direct have put together a list of simple steps that will help you banish the gloom.
1. Spend more time in the natural sunshine and in natural daylight. If you are staying indoors, pull the curtains back and raise the blinds while its daylight. Get up early to make the most of the full day.

2. Exercise: going for a run or hitting the gym will really help. Working out releases endorphins that will boost your positive energy.

3. Spend time with those you love and enjoy the company of. Spending a lot of time in your homes is too easy to do, but you should make plans to keep you out of the house for longer periods of time.

4. Brighten your home and add a touch of colour to your interiors. The brighter and more colourful you decorate, the better.

5. Improve your diet and sleeping patterns. Be good to your body and listen to what it wants and needs.

6. Why not save some of your holidays for the winter and take a break in the sunshine while it’s cold and dark at home, or if you don’t want to travel just make lots of plans with friends.

7. A light box gives off the same effect as natural light and can be effective when combined with other types of treatments. Always speak to your doctor first before you use these.

8. Dawn simulators are a fantastic way to wake up in the morning. Rather than loud music and abrupt beeps to wake you up, this alarm clock slowly produces light that becomes more intense (like the sun), until it wakes you up.

9. Aromatherapy. Introduce essential oils into your home and evening bath to help you either relax on an evening or energise yourself for the day. Choose citrus based oils in particular to help lift your mood.

10. Get your lighting right: good light can add warmth and personality to a room. Use lighting layers rather than one main light in a room – place lamps on a variety of levels in a room to create an inviting home where you are happy to spend time relaxing on longer winter evenings.