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Dumfries rotarian recollects coronation

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By Ben Murray
Dumfries and West
Dumfries rotarian recollects coronation
INVITATION. . . Ann Hill BEM with her invitation to King Charles III's Coronation

DUMFRIES Rotary Club listened to a wonderful story from a fellow Rotarian about her experience as a guest at the royal coronation.

Ann Hill BEM shared the experience as she, alongside 2000 lucky guests, was chosen to attend King Charles III’s coronation.

Ann was fortunate that because of some mobility issues she was also able to be accompanied for the whole day by her husband David.

She and and David savoured it to the maximum – from the hotel stay the night before to the very early start for Westminster Abbey.

Having to be in place some two hours before the actual coronation was a real consideration for many guests, but the music and the people spotting was a very significant compensation.

At one time, Ann was informed that she and David were on national TV only to to have their ten seconds of fame dashed when it became apparent that the cameras were essentially focusing on famous actress Emma Thompson.

In describing her day, Ann’s well honed sense of humour and delivery came to the fore and fellow members were in no doubt that her day was a memorable one at every stage, especially having a close up view of the actual coronation itself and the crowning ceremony.

As part of the record of the day Ann retained her Coronation Order of Service, her beautifully embossed invitation, and also had her photograph taken with Lord Lieutenant Fiona Armstrong and the other guests from Dumfries and Galloway.

Ann’s fellow Rotarians expressed their sense of pride that a fellow Rotarian had been privileged to participate in such a unique and historic event and were equally proud that Ann had shared the experience with the club.


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