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Dreams can come true

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By Fiona Reid

SHOULD you ever meet your childhood heroes?

That’s been the question on my mind ever since it emerged yesterday that the one and only Jason Donovan is coming to Carlisle next year.
The former Aussie soap star and pop prince was my first pin up in the 1980s and I still know all the words to his songs.
And now in a matter of months he’s going to be within touching distance. Be still my beating heart!
What’s more, there’s even a chance of an interview with him. Gulp.
Would I be able to retain my steely journalistic nerve and would my nerves be up to it? Or, would I giggle and blush ferociously and would my hands be shaking so much that my shorthand would be illegible?
Even more crucially, what the heck would I wear?!
Oh and imagine the disappointment if he’s not how I imagined and dreamed of all those years ago?
During my 15 year career at this newspaper, I’ve interviewed a couple of Prime Ministers, a First Minister, various high profile MPs and the King of Norway – mostly without too many nerves.
For some strange reason, I’ve been giddier after meeting the odd soap star, comedians and even was a bit starstruck with ‘the lovely Debbie McGee’, wife of Paul Daniels.
So how will I react if my interview request with JD is granted?
Imagine what would my ten-year-old self say if I let this chance slip by? She’d be thrilled to know that dreams can come true, even if it does take over 20 years!
Jason Donovan will perform at The Sands Centre, Carlisle on Saturday March 5 2016. Tickets go on sale Friday May 15 at 10am.


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