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Double duty for rescue teams

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By Fiona Reid
Double duty for rescue teams

MOUNTAIN rescue teams in the region were kept busy on Tuesday with two call outs.

At 4 pm that day Police Scotland asked for the assistance of Moffat Mountain Rescue Team to locate a group of five walkers who had become lost descending from Waterloo Monument near New Abbey.

But as the team was gathering, Phone Find technology was successfully used to locate the missing walkers who were at the end of a track deep in the forest. Pictured above.

The team was able to send two off road 4×4 vehicles to the location and collect the walkers, who were none the worse for their ordeal – although a little cold!

Meanwhile, both Galloway and Moffat rescue teams were needed to help track down a runner in the forest near Dalbeattie at 6.40 pm that evening.

The missing runner’s phone was no longer responding which was a concern as the temperature was dropping rapidly. As the search was ongoing the runner’s phone became available and the teams were able to get its location. The police and teams were able to locate the runner who was now very cold and starting to become hypothermic.

However, the teams were able to warm her up and she recovered ok.

A Moffat spokesman said: “Without phone technology to assist this could have been a long search.”

And a Galloway spokesman added: “The runner was located, a little cold but overall a good outcome for all involved.”

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