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Dog owner tells of fishing hook horror

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By Fiona Reid
Lockerbie and Lochmaben
Dog owner tells of fishing hook horror

A WOMAN from Lochmaben has warned anglers to not dump their paraphernalia after her puppy swallowed a fishing hook.

Mel Cummings said her family endured “the longest 24 hours of our lives” last week after her young collie, Pluto, ingested the sharp piece of metal left by fishermen at Mill Loch near Mossvale.

She said: “I turned my back for one minute and my poor wee puppy managed to swallow a fishing hook with the line still attached.”

Mel added they rushed the pained pooch to the vets, where veterinary surgeons had a “drawn out struggle” trying to remove the hook from his oesophagus.

Thankfully, little Pluto pulled through the horrible ordeal and Mel said he’s “doing okay now but it could have been so much worse”.

She continued: “Please be so careful with your dogs around areas like this, and also just cherish every moment with them, this was one of the most difficult times ever not knowing if he was going to be okay or when or if we’d see him again.

“However, we wouldn’t have to worry at all if the fishermen had just took their rubbish and hooks away with them.”

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