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Do you live near your birthplace?

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By Abbey Morton
Do you live near your birthplace?

A NATIONAL poll has found almost half of Scots live within 25 miles of their birthplace.

Ancestry firm Living DNA conducted a poll of 2000 people and found that the average person from Scotland moves four to five times in their life, but 49 per cent go back to their roots in the end.
Researchers also found that the trend continues through the generations with over half, 58 per cent, of all those surveyed living in the same country that one or more of their parents were born in.
And almost half said they felt most ‘rooted’ either where they were born or where they grew up, compared to over a third who said they felt most rooted where they live now.
Managing director of Living DNA David Nicholson said: “Whilst the average Scot makes a number of moves in their lifetime, our survey found that as a nation we are still really attached to our family roots and birthplaces.
“However, our knowledge of our roots appears to be quite limited. For example, 20 per cent of people from Scotland told us they have no idea where their grandparents were born.”
Living DNA commissioned the survey to mark the launch of its new DNA ancestry test – the most detailed service of its kind in the world.
From a simple saliva swab, Living DNA is able to break down people’s ancestry to over 80 world-wide regions.
It is also the only test of its kind which can tell people how much DNA they share with 21 regions of the UK, including south west Scotland.
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