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Disaster victims remembered in Lockerbie

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By Fiona Reid
Disaster victims remembered in Lockerbie

WREATH laying ceremonies have been held at sites around Lockerbie today to mark the 35th anniversary of the air disaster.

People turned out in droves to pay their respects to the 270 victims of the 1988 Pan Am 103 bombing.

A series of low key events took place through the day at Tundergarth Church, Dryfesdale Ceremony, Sherwood Crescent and Rosebank Crescent.

Dignitaries, officials, politicians and councillors mingled with townsfolk, victims’ relatives, members of the emergency services and armed forces and schoolchildren.

At Dryfesdale, this year’s Lockerbie Syracuse scholar Joshua Halliday said: “Today we remember those who we lost, not as mere statistics, but as individuals with dreams, aspirations and each with an unlimited potential to make a positive impact on the world.

“I ask why this happened and most importantly, what can we do to stop things like this ever happening again.”

 TRIBUTES . . . some of the flowers and wreaths left at the Lockerbie memorial in Dryfesdale Cemetery, including the floral plane sent every year by Pan Am representatives


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