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Dirom under discussion

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Dirom under discussion

A WELL known historical Annan figure will be the subject of a free talk in Annan this week.

Annan the History Town are hosting the event on Tuesday night when Margery Wilkins will discuss the life of Lieutenant-General Alexander Dirom, of Mount Annan.

Taking place at Annan Old Parish Church at 7.30 pm, it will showcase the incredible history of the 17th century stalwart, such as the benefits he brought to Annan and his storied military career.

Margery said: “Back in 2004, when I was chairman of the Friends of the Museum, we were concerned about the state of the mausoleum and I began researching the people who were in it.

“I realised that Lt-General Alexander Dirom and his wife had been so important in bringing prosperity to Annan, in terms of better agricultural methods, schools, roads, a bank and a model village at Brydekirk, that they must have been the greatest benefactors in our history.”

It is part of a series of ATHT historical events taking place during fall and winter, hosted by organiser Kathleen Cronie.

She said: “Lt-Gen Dirom lived an incredible life, leaving a powerful lasting legacy to the people of Annan.

“He is interred in an imposing mausoleum in the surrounding churchyard, and actually shared the cost with the council for purchasing a quarter acre of the burial ground he, and nine members of his family, now rest in.”

The event is free to attend, but donations of £3 are appreciated.

  • Painting above by Raeburn


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