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Diner keeps on trucking

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By Euan Maxwell
Diner keeps on trucking

AN ANNANDALE truckstop is supporting the transport sector by keeping their doors open for drivers of heavy goods vehicles.

Motorway services across the country have been closing their doors due to the coronavirus outbreak, leaving lorry drivers nowhere to refuel, eat or shower. But the Eardley International team at The ‘fechan Truckstop – in Ecclefechan – remain open for the key workers to get a well-deserved bite to eat and rest before their next leg of their journey.

Owner Mhairi Eardley, pictured, said: “It is not business as usual but we are open for HGV drivers. Part of the reason we decided to stay open was that drivers were complaining that up and down the country service stations and truck stops have been closing to HGV drivers. Whilst the fuel stations had been open, drivers haven’t been able to get hot food or a shower at the end of a busy shift.

“It’s very important as without HGV drivers our shop shelves would be empty and critical supplies would not get delivered. We know the importance of giving them time away from their lorries and making sure they get a proper meal.”

She added: “The drivers have been really grateful. As many places are shut, we are a small beacon of light to them in challenging times.”

The ‘fechan Truckstop has put in place a raft of measures to keep drivers and staff safe. The cafe and truck wash are open, parking is available and the fuel station is fully open. Mrs Eardley added: “It’s important to stress we are taking the situation very seriously. We are making sure everything is being sanitised. The drivers are having their hands sanitised before coming into the cafe. We’ve increased the amount of cleaning we are doing, we are sanitising all contact surfaces and making sure drivers are keeping the appropriate distance from each other and our staff. “We are taking Government advice seriously whilst making sure we can operate a limited service. I’m really proud of our staff members who are taking this on and are willing to contribute to this effort. “With luck, we will be able to resume our normal service to all our other customers, once this crisis is over”

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