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Defib guardian in SOS call to town

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By Euan Maxwell
Lockerbie and Lochmaben
Defib guardian in  SOS call to town

THE current guardian of Lochmaben High Street’s defibrillator hopes a successor can be found.

It comes after Andrew Boyd — who no longer stays in Lochmaben, has family commitments and works shifts — approached the town’s community council to see if someone local could take over his role as the contact and ensure it’s always returned to its base after use.

In 2017 Mr Boyd cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats to help fundraise for the lifesaving equipment, which is sited outside the Lochmaben’s Medical Practice.

The burgh’s community council last week agreed to raise/provide funds to maintain and replace the items required for the life saving machine.

But they are still looking at options of who could maintain the machine and parts administration.

Yesterday Mr Boyd said: “Due to the reason I raised the funds for the defibrillator, this is something I am passionate about.

“I would hate for the defibrillator to be required and it’s not in its case due to it being at Lockerbie police station (where it tends to end up if it is taken out) and I have not had time to retrieve it and place it back.

“I’m very concerned about the defib not being in its unit, hence the reason for asking for the local community council to help.”

He welcomed the group’s offer of funds, adding: “This is great as my charity sponsor money has come to an end.

“The whole point of asking the community council to take the defib over, is to ensure that if taken out the unit or is used, that it is returned as quickly as possible to ensure there is no risk whatsoever that someone may need it to save a life, go for it and it’s not there and someone dies as a consequence.”

At last week’s community council meeting, some members of the public were stunned to hear the medical practice no longer takes responsibility of the defib.

But Mr Boyd explained that the decision was made in 2018 after his mum, who was practice manager, retired.

He said: “The reason the Lochmaben Medical Practice no longer take responsibility is due to my mum retiring and that was the link to the practice as my mum would be there five days out of seven when working.

“Even though it is located outside a medical practice, it has nothing to do with the practice.

“It was agreed to be located there as a good location for awareness.”


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