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Dealing with life changes

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By Fiona Reid
Dealing with life changes

CHANGE can be exciting and joyous, but it can also be stressful and difficult.

Some people embrace life changes and find it fires them up.
But others prefer things to stay on a more even keel and find change worrying and hard to deal with.
New chapters in life can evoke a whole range of emotions, from fear and anxiety to joy, excitement and sadness.
And August can be a particularly emotional month for families with exam results looming, youngsters starting school or moving on to secondary school and older teens leaving home for the first time for university and college.
But help is at hand in the form of holistic therapy Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is said to bring about ‘peace, balance, harmony and vitality’.
Practitioner Marion Gardner, of Dalbeattie, explained more: “Jin Shin Jyutsu is a touch therapy that helps energise mind, body and spirit, helps you to find inner peace, serenity and security, cope with challenges of ill health, and stay feeling good.”
And she has highlighted some DIY techniques that you can try at home next time you are feel anxious or worried:
* Gently hold each finger in turn to rebalance yourself and neutralise supercharged emotions. As you wrap the fingers of your left hand around your right thumb and focus on your breathing for a few minutes, you are helping to reduce the feeling of anxiety and worry. Become aware of easing any tension in your shoulders and become peaceful.
* Move on and wrap the fingers of your left hand around your right index finger. Focus on your breathing to ease fear.
* Anger can be reduced by wrapping the fingers of your left hand around your right middle finger.
* Sadness and grief can be eased by wrapping the fingers of your left hand around your little finger.
Marion added: “This can be done for your left hand as well. If it’s easier, count nine complete breaths in and out, rather than holding for a few minutes.
“In depth emotional support can be achieved at a therapeutic JSJ session, in which I would use my hands to free the subtle energy flows in the body.”

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