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‘Danger roads’ under fire

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By Abbey Morton
‘Danger roads’ under fire

A DUMFRIES pensioner is recovering from a horror bike crash which saw him knocked unconscious for over ten minutes.

Nigel Morris, above, credits his helmet with saving his life after a pothole propelled him from his bicycle during an Easter Sunday cycle.

While adeptly avoiding hazards on the A710, Nigel ended up having to take the least objectionable option when faced with oncoming traffic and ‘another really bad split’ in the road near to the Mabie Forest turning.

He said: “The roads are uneven, hazardous, full of potholes and broken surfaces and extremely dangerous not only to vehicles, but more so to cyclists like myself and many others who dare to venture out onto the roads.”

Nigel, who considers himself an experienced cyclist as he has ridden every day for 40 years, was coming down Whinnyhill and says he was ‘fully alert’ to the road conditions and dangers.

However, he said: “To my front and looming up fast was another really bad split and uneven road surface.

“Because of vehicles coming towards me on the other side I couldn’t pull to my right to avoid the danger, I had no other alternative but to slow down and pull to the left.

“The next thing I knew I was being helped across the road to the grass verge on the other side by the person who had stopped to help.

“He asked me if I was okay as he started patching up my cuts and gashes to my legs and arms, he said ‘we were quite concerned about you as you have been unconscious for at least ten minutes’.”

Nigel was told by the motorist that he had gone into the pothole, was brought to a sudden stop, and went straight over the handlebars.

He commented: “Luckily I was wearing a proper cycling helmet and also being followed by a sensible, careful driver.

“The council could quite well have had a death on their hands because of the condition of the road.”

While at A&E, Nigel had his right shoulder and arm x-rayed and then had a head and brain scan and x-ray, due to the concussion.

He said: “Luckily the results were all good.”

However, the next day Nigel saw and felt the full extent of his injuries – cuts to both sides of his legs, a severe cut to his left elbow, two fingers on his right hand forced apart and split, both arms and shoulders injured and bruised, and the top of his head bruised.

He said: “The helmet saved me but is now not fit for purpose any longer.

“As a result of my injuries, trying to participate in normal everyday activities is painful. I cannot raise my arms, I cannot tie my shoelaces, I need help to get dressed.”

As a result of his injuries and the damage to his bike, Nigel is currently unable to cycle but is supposed to be preparing for a charity cycle in Wales in June with his daughter, in aid of the Royal British Legion.

Dumfries and Galloway Council’s road department was approached for comment.

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17th May

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