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Danger junction highlighted

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By Lewis Irons
Annan and Eskdale
Danger junction highlighted

ROAD conditions at a junction near Chapelcross are in desperate need of repair — as the surface conditions continue to deteriorate.

The area has seen a number of accidents over the last few years and the need for maintenance has grown.
Councillor Sean Marshall believes the area has become unsafe and that permanent action must be taken.
He said: “I would like to see a more permanent solution such as full resurfacing and new lining at this very busy junction as the patching that has taken place on an ongoing basis is not the answer.”
He added: “We need to make the junction safe on a permanent basis as there is a continual build up of loose stones and the junction surface is now rutted, full of dips and the camber of the road appears to have altered due to the many traffic movements that occur daily.”
Mr Marshall, who travels this route every day, has witnessed the increase in damage at this junction since the priority of the road was changed around ten years ago by the council.
Now, with more heavy goods vehicles travelling along this route, the workload has intensified and the conditions have become more hazardous.
Mr Marshall added: “I continue to get people raising the issue of this junction due to its poor state and it is a regular issue that is raised at community council meetings.
“I hope that the whole junction could be programmed for surfacing.”

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