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Dan swaps science for sanitiser

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By Fiona Reid

A PHYSICS student has turned chemist to help his mum produce hand sanitisers and balms for those in need.

Daniel Veitch has returned home to Lockerbie from Glasgow University and is working with hairdresser mum Sandra Odoh.
She said: “I have been making the hand sanitisers and hand balms.
“I have been donating my organic hand balms to carers and nurses as I knew how dry and sore their hands were from constantly washing and sanitising them.
“I’ve had to put my business as a hairdresser, barber, holistic therapist and educator on hold so I wanted to do something helpful for my community.”
Sandra is herself recovering from corona symptoms so Daniel stood in to make a batch and between them the pair have now produced over 100 bottles, each with a 99 per cent proof alcohol solution.
Friend Jacqui Johnstone is now organising the distribution.
Sandra added: “I would like to say that the sanitisers and balms were not made for any profit but the community have been donating money towards buying more ingredients so I would like to say thank you to them.”
“Thank you all for your patience.”

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